Oasis's Noel Gallagher can't wait to hear Chinese Democracy

Axl's folly could be music to Noel's ears
Axl's folly could be music to Noel's ears

Negative reviews (such as MusicRadar's now-notorious pan) aren't scaring Noel Gallagher off from hearing Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy. In fact, the raspberries hurled at the record are only fueling the Oasis leader's interest.

"I've not heard it," says Gallagher. "I've read the reviews, and judging from the reviews I know I'm gonna fucking love it.

"I love preposterous records, and anything that took 17 years [to make] is obviously fucking ludicrous. I'm dying to hear it. I already know I'm going to like it."

"I'm dying to hear it. I already know I'm going to like it" Noel Gallagher on Chinese Democracy

Doesn't care about his own reviews

Guns N' Roses reviews turn him on, but when it comes to critiques of Oasis records, however, Gallagher couldn't be bothered one way or another.

"I could fucking give a fuck what reviewers say. You know what I mean? 'Return to form.' I don't really know what...that's like, you know, sportsmen return to form. Race horses. That kinda shit. Records are pieces of art, right? Somebody's created them. It's not about form."

Although Gallagher is touring the world with Oasis and playing a healthy share of songs from the group's latest record, Dig Out Your Soul, listening to the album ranks low on his Things To Do list. "It's kind of what's gone on before is irrelevant to me," he says. "Is it as good as Definitely Maybe? Is it as good as Morning Glory? I don't care. I don't listen to either of them. And after I finish this tour, I won't listen to this one either."

"It's already done. It's already written. It's already demoed" Gallagher on Oasis's next album

Already eyeing the next album

Gallagher says he plans to take some time off after the current tour, but as far as the next Oasis record, he claims that "it's already done. It's already written. It's already demoed."

And you can bet it won't take 17 years to put out.

Source: The Detroit News

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