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Oasis to part company with drummer?

Know any good drummers?
Know any good drummers?

According to a story in the Sun newspaper on 12 May 2008, Zak Starkey is unlikely to play with Oasis again, following completion of the band's seventh studio album, due later this year.

The newspaper quoted a source close to the band as saying: “There have been arguments with Noel Gallagher and general disagreements. It looks like the album will be his last involvement with the band.”

It seems likely that Starkey will continue with his other day job as The Who´s drummer.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher's search for a new sticksman appears to have ended. If reports are to be believed, Chris Sharrock, currently backing Robbie Williams, is set to become the fourth Oasis drummer, and incredibly, the 18th either temporary or permanent member of the band since their debut single, Supersonic, was released back in 1994.