NAMM 2017: Neunaber promises consistent amp tone from your pedalboard with Iconoclast Speaker Emulator pedal

NAMM 2017: The very clever folk at Neunaber have unveiled their latest creation, the Iconoclast Speaker Emulator.

Promising to "dynamically shape your tone" in the same way a speaker cabinet would, the Iconoclast delivers a direct output for consistent amp tone at any volume and in nearly any setting.

Three controls tweak the sound: low adjusts virtual cabinet type and size; mid captures the speaker's dynamic interaction with the amp; and high shifts the frequency cutoff, replicating a range of speaker types.

There's also a volume control and studio-quality noise gate, while stereo inputs and outputs deliver balanced or unbalanced connections. A built-in headphone amp means guitarists can plug straight in with cans, too.

Neunaber is touting the ability to tweak responses via its Iconoclast software for Windows/Mac, too, while the unit itself is powered by standard 9V or 12V pedal power supplies.

Sounds good for fly gigs and recording, as well as a back-up amp, this. The Iconoclast is available from mid-February, and can be preordered now from Neunaber for $249.