NAMM 2016: Orange unveils OB1-300 Bass Combo

NAMM 2016: UK amp firm Orange has lifted the lid on a new bass combo, the OB1-300, which houses the firm's recent OB1 head in a combo setup, complete with 15" Eminence speaker.

The OB1 drew it's influence from the bi-amping trend that's seen players splitting signal between guitar and bass amps, often with the use of octave pedals, in order to achieve beefier tones. Now the OB1 circuitry, complete with its innovative blend control (indicated on the panel by a blender icon), will be made available in combo form.

Check out the full details below.

Orange Amplification Launches The OB1-300 Bass Combo

PRESS RELEASE: Orange Amplification captured the imagination of bass players with the launch of the OB1 series of head at last year's NAMM show and hope to do the same with the new Orange OB1-300 Combo.

Characterised by its immediate attack, the vicious overdrive and seriously hard-hitting low end, the OB1-300 Combo remains focussed at all extremes of its wide-ranging tone controls. Its fearsome tonal platform is an ideal match for the combo's 15" Eminence driver, offering everything from grinding vintage grit to contemporary cleans.

The key to the unique sound of the OB1-300 Combo is the footswitchable Blend circuit that adds a veneer of controllable gain and increased harmonic content to the upper registers of the input signal. The lower frequencies and clean signal are left alone, staying warm and clear just like a 'bi-amped' setup. The OB1-300 Combo's real beauty lies in its ability to go from sophisticated to unhinged at the turn of a knob or the stomp of a foot making it perfect for the bedroom, bar or big stage.


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