NAMM 2014: Orange debuts OB1-K bass amp

NAMM 2014: Orange hasn't neglected the four-stringers at this year's show and has unveiled a brand new noise-box in the shape of the OB1-K bass amp.

The amp-maker says the new amp has taken influence from the recent bi-amping trend and therefore splits the signal into different paths to emulate the sound of a guitar amp and a bass amp, which can then be blended using the appropriate controls.

It sounds like a neat idea and we can see several octave-wielding guitarists taking an interest in this kind of amplifier, too.

Check out the details on the press release below and head to the Orange Amps site for more information.

Orange OB1-K bass amp press release

Orange Amplification have combined years of experience with the latest technology to design and produce a new 1000 Watt solid-state bass amplifier. The OB1-K is Orange's first ever rack-mountable amplifier (with optional sleeve mounting available) forged by the demands of the modern bass player.

Inspired by techniques such as bi-amping (running a bass guitar through bass and guitar amplifiers simultaneously) Orange has produced a stunning bass amplifier that takes care of this and much more besides.

The OB1-K splits the signal into two separate paths. One side produces a tight, clean bass sound with thunderous low end. The second side features two stages of controllable gain rich in upper harmonics.

These two components can then be combined using the amplifier's footswitchable blend control giving the player a wealth of options that range from a crystal clear clean boost to all-out filthy bass mayhem! The result is a truly brutal bass tone, which still maintains the all-important low end. This enables the bass to cut through the mix in any situation.

The OB1-K features a fully responsive, active three-band EQ. This provides the bassist full control whilst keeping the classic Orange 'Pics Only' design. The OB1-K also features a DI with ground lift.

To take a look at the OB1-K and all the new products, go to the Orange Amplification Booth 4890 Hall C.

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