NAMM 2014: Keith McMillen Instruments unveils StrongArm Sustainer

NAMM 2014 PRESS RELEASE: BERKELEY, California - January 24, 2013 - KMI is delighted to announce Keith's latest invention - the StrongArm Six-string Sustainer. The sustainer and pickup are the size of Fender style saddle pieces allowing easy OEM and retrofit installation by repairmen.

One simple control adjusts the amount of sustain going from angelic smooth to nasty hard. Just play any note, chord or harmonic and it will keep going until you stop it. What guitar player doesn't want notes that just keep on going. "Eleven" is now a musical reality.

Science says if you want to know everything about and have complete control of a vibration string, there are only two places to look - the ends. Since only the bridge end is practical, the StrongArm Sustainer picks up and drives all six strings by systems embedded within the actual saddle piece.

Ever watch a kid spin a jump rope? It takes just a small amount of energy at the right time and the rope keeps on spinning - same here. A small amount of energy imparted to the string keeps it sustaining forever.

Application of the drive energy is moderated by the most accurate and full-sounding bridge pickup ever designed. Most bridge pickups sound thin because they respond to changing string tension, which causes the fundamental of the string to "double up" with each vibration.

The StrongArm Sustainer pickup packs a punch unlike any other bridge pickup. The sensor saddle sees minute changes in position of the strings termination at the bridge. The result is a new species of pickup that is full and even sounding with incredible range of response. No more "plinky" sounding audio from your guitar. A simple blend control adjusts the mix from your regular magnetic pickups with the StrongArm Sustainer sound.

"I've been pondering and prototyping polyphonic string sustainers for the last 35 years. None of the magnetic approaches I tried could ever deliver on all fronts: sustain strength, tone shaping, pickup quality, tiny size and low power at an affordable price. The StrongArm Sustainer is one of the best things I have ever thought of while showering", says McMillen. "I can finally take a bath".

The StongArm Sustainer comes with a USB port for charging and communicating with the free editor. Users can make presets that control all parameters: just want sustain on the low two strings? You got it. No opens or only above the seventh fret? Just dial it in.

Operating on AA batteries, the StrongArm Sustainer sips power and goes all day long. You can even

use wireless systems and retain your stage freedom - all while being as easy and familiar to play as your favorite guitar.

The StrongArm Sustainer system comes with six sustainer saddles, smart driver card, rechargeable battery system and editor. StrongArm Sustainer list price is $495. Come see us at NAMM booth 6227 in Hall A.

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