NAMM 2012 VIDEO: Marshall 50th Anniversary amps demoed

Small, perfectly formed, killer sounds
Small, perfectly formed, killer sounds

NAMM 2012: Although there was hardly a shortage of cute small amplifiers at the show - see Fender's Greta or the Orange Micro Terror, for instance - Marshall's British-made one-watt Anniversary series heads and combos were a real hit with almost all of the guitarists we spoke to.

With a head and combo to mark each decade of the company's long history on offer, some players were wooed by the '60s Brit Blues vibe of the JTM1, others the GN'R-style grind of the JCM1... And some of us would just like the whole set, please.

Visit Marshall's website for much more on these super cool little amps, but first, check out our video in which Marshall's Chris George blasts through the 1960s JTM1, 1970s JMP1 and 1980s JCM1 for your listening pleasure.

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