NAMM 2011: Electro-Harmonix Mistress Flanger pedal unveiled

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE: Electro-Harmonix (booth 5396) introduces the Neo Mistress Flanger, a compact pedal which delivers the lush flanging EHX is famous for at a ground-breaking price.

True to the classic Electric Mistress, the Neo Mistress provides an array of precisely notched and tuned filters that sweep the sound spectrum.

With a straight forward design featuring Rate and Feedback controls, the pedal provides a startling variety of flanged sounds ranging from subtle to ultra-thick and extreme. Filter Matrix disengages the automatic sweep, allowing manual control of the filter bank to achieve chime-like metallic tones.

Housed in a solid die-cast package, with true bypass and a 4.37″ long by 2.37″ wide footprint, the Neo Mistress is pedalboard ready. It is equipped with a 9V battery and can also be powered by a standard 9.6Volt/DC200mA AC adapter. The new Electro-Harmonix flanger will begin shipping in early March 2011 with a U.S. list price of $109.80.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Electro-Harmonix

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