NAMM 2010: Taylor launches customisable solidbody guitars

taylor customisable guitars

taylor customisable guitars

PRESS RELEASES: Taylor Guitars is inviting players to "rock it your way" with the introduction of customizable SolidBody guitars. Fans of the Classic, Standard and Custom SolidBodies can now tailor their choice of pickup configurations, colors, and have the option of a Taylor-designed tremolo, all to dial in their perfect tone and look.

"By adding a variety of pickups and configurations, players have a multitude of options available, literally, at their fingertips, to reflect their personalities and tonal preferences," shared David Hosler, vice president. "Beyond mere color choices, we wanted to offer players the opportunity to customize their SolidBody from the top down."

For the perfect tone, the company has expanded its popular, guitar player friendly, plug and play loaded pickguards across the SolidBody models. Totally solderless and easily swapped with just a screw driver, the new pickup combos come ready to rock in 11 different combinations on a choice of four different pickguard colors, including black, tortoise, and black or white pearl.

Players have the option of two mini or full-sized high gain (HG) or high definition (HD) humbuckers, two or three mini HD or HG humbuckers, three single coils, or a two single coil and one full-size HG pickup split. Offered for the first time in the SolidBody line, players will also have the option of a Vintage Alnico (VA) loaded pickguard.

The VA pickups, a familiar and welcome sound to the electric guitar enthusiast, pay homage to the tradition of classic humbuckers but impart its own unique identity in the world of electric pickups. Hosler explains: "I've always liked that big wooly tone that comes with PAF (patent applied for) humbuckers. The goal was to create a pickup that was a more modern version of that type of sound."

Custom and Standard SolidBody players will also have a choice of pickguard-free, swappable, modular pickups, including two mini or full-sized HG or HD pickups, as well as a two full-sized VAs.

Fans of the whammy bar will now have an option of adding the Taylor tremolo to their SolidBody. Sitting on top the sleek, yet comfortable Taylor-designed fulcrum vibrato bridge, the tremolo features a modern design, one that Hosler calls "inspiring". "One of the most unique things with this tremolo is that is has a very modern feel," he explains.

Traditional tremolo users will be impressed with the feel and the easy-to-engage action of the bar. Hosler shares, "On top of looking cool, this trem feels good and sounds even better."

Exclusive to the SolidBody Classic model, the company has added a variety of vibrant colors to the line including Lava Red Pearl, Jewelescent Orange, Purple Flake, Blue Metallic, Viper Blue, Magenta Pearl, Sublime, Tobacco Sunburst, Sage Green Metallic and Titanium Pearl. The Classic will continue to be offered in Black, Natural, Trans Red and Trans White.

Each SolidBody features a five-way pickup switch, comfortable tone and volume control knobs, Taylor's proprietary T-Lock single bolt neck, and comes ready to rock in a Taylor hard case. The suggested retail prices for the SolidBody Classic options start at $1,748, for the SolidBody Standard at $2,398, and for the Custom at $3,098.

The models will be available at authorized domestic and international Taylor dealers in early spring. The complete line of the company's swappable and solderless loaded pickguards and modular pickups is currently available at TaylorWare, the company's online merchandise and electronics store.

For more information, visit Taylor Guitars' official site

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