NAMM 2010: Randall introduces all-tube RT Series amps

Randall RT Series amps
Randall RT Series amps

PRESS RELEASE: Randall Amplifiers announces the new RT Series of all tube guitar amplifiers. The series is pro caliber and at a price point that would normally be considered solid state territory.

It offers novices and solid state fans the opportunity to step into the world of real tube tone. The series includes three heads, the RT103, RT503 & RT50, one combo, the RT50C and two cabinets, The RT412XC & RT212XC.

The RT103 is a 3 channel, 100 Watt head with reverb and the RT503 is a 50 watt version. Both heads feature one clean channel and two overdrive channels. The RT50 is a 2 channel, 50 watt head with reverb featuring one clean and one overdrive channel.

The RT412XC and RT212XC are cabinets that are perfectly matched to the RT Series heads with the same cosmetics including black chrome grills and black tolex covering. Both cabinets feature Celestion® speakers.

The RT412 and RT212 also match perfectly t the RT series heads but are more affordable with lighter duty MDF construction and 50w Randall Jaguar speaker.

The RT50C is a 50 watt, 2 channel, 1x12 combo amp featuring the same electronics as the RT50 head and a 12" Celestion® speaker all in one portable package.

What really sets these amps apart from other tube amps is the power tube bias test points. No longer do guitarists have to purchase matched sets of tubes. The user-friendly power tube bias section on the back allows the user to replace, bias & match the tubes themselves with just an inexpensive volt meter.

Amplifier Common Features:

50 or 100 (RT103) watts RMS
Foot switchable channels & reverb
Effects loop
External speaker output
Power tube bias test points
Footswitch included

Cabinet Features:

Black chrome grills
Removable Casters
Frontload Speakers
RT412XC: 4 x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback Speakers 100 Watts RMS power handling.
RT212XC: 2 x 12" Celestion G12M Greenback Speakers and 50 Watts RMS power handling.
RT412" 4 x 12" Randall Jaguar Speakers 200 Watts RMS power handling.
RT212" 2 x 12" Randall Jaguar Speakers 100 Watts RMS power handling.

Prices are expected to range from £575 + VAT for the 50W head, to £810 + VAT for the 3-channel 100W head. The RT Series is expected to ship in Q2 2010.

For more information, visit Randall Amplifiers' official site

Information taken from official press release

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