Musikmesse 2014: Schertler previews new bass and guitar amps

The Bass Fidelity Series: good things come in threes?
The Bass Fidelity Series: good things come in threes?

MUSIKMESSE 2014: Swiss manufacturer Schertler has announced a new jazz guitar amp alongside three bass guitar combos at this year's event in Frankfurt. The company, who specialise in live performance gear, announced the arrival of a new Bass Fidelity trio of models, designed to bring clarity without tone manipulation.

Schertler press release

Swiss manufacturer previews new Bass Fidelity bass guitar combos and Charlie jazz guitar amp

Mendrisio, Switzerland, 6th March 2014 - Swiss manufacturer Schertler launches into the electric instrument market at this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse with an exciting range of new products that include the Bass Fidelity Series of high performance electric bass guitar combos and a sneak preview of the new CHARLIE jazz guitar amplifier. This latest development follows a long history of focussing on the production of high quality acoustic amplification systems.

Schertler's Bass Fidelity Series has been specially developed to provide power and clarity without altering the bass guitar's tone or characteristics. Designed for both stage and studio use, Bass Fidelity combos feature a high-voltage Class A preamp section that lets players shape and style their sound as required. An in-house developed Class D power amp, together with long extension woofers, supplies a deep, clear and warm tone - one of the main things for which Schertler's acoustic amps have become so famous.

Three Bass Fidelity models will be available: The compact 300W B10, equipped with 10" woofer and 1" compression driver, is a perfect companion for practice, travel and small venue use. The 400W B12, with 12" woofer and 2 x 1" compression drivers, is suitable for a range of applications including practice, studio recording and live performance. The flagship 500W B15 combo, equipped with 15" woofer and custom horn with 1" compression driver, has a variety of uses for the bass guitarist. Its wide frequency range offers excellent overall dynamics as well as a great-sounding bottom end, making it ideal for larger venues and loud environments such as rock concerts. This model is suitable for a range of instruments including 5- and 6-string basses.

Schertler will also preview the new Charlie jazz guitar amplifier. The single channel, 280W amp has been specially developed to enhance the delicate low-mid range of the instrument, which often features more prominently in a conventional jazz line-up. When played though a standard guitar amp, those particular frequencies on the instrument can appear "muddy" with compressed harmonics. In contrast, CHARLIE is designed to offer maximum intelligibility in that range. Equipped with a Class A preamp, an uncompromising speaker/power amp combination and traditional spring reverb, the amp delivers a warm, clear sound that gives the jazz guitar its true voice in any ensemble.

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