Musikmesse 2011: Ashdown MiBass amp head video demo

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Ashdown MiBass 220 and 550 watt head versions available

Ashdown MiBass: 220 and 550-watt head versions available

Ashdown MiBass

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The front panel is fully customisable Skulls anyone

The front panel is fully customisable. Skulls anyone?

Ashdown MiBass

Musikmesse 2011: Ashdown's latest small bass amp head is called the MiBass because of its customisable nature - bassists can choose different front panels, or even design their own (see the gallery for an example).

Check out the video above to see and hear the MiBass in action and read the original release for a closer look at the 220 and 550-watt models' spec: Ashdown launches ultra-portable MiBass bass amplifiers.