Musikmesse 08: Gibson previews Guitar Of The Month models

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From the front the Les Paul Push Tone s design is simple and unobtrusive

From the front the Les Paul Push Tone's design is simple and unobtrusive...
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 and it s pretty neat around the back too

...and it's pretty neat around the back too

Although a few of the models were seen at Winter NAMM, Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008 saw Gibson USA reveal the full 12-strong line-up of its 2008 Guitar Of The Month range.

All models are strictly limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, and range from the frankly barking Reverse Explorer to the innovative Les Paul Push Tone (pictured), which comes with two sets of quickly interchangeable pickups.

A pair of Burstbucker Pros and P94 humbucker-sized single-coils can be mixed and matched via a simple system that allows pickups to be pushed out through the back of the guitar and swapped with only a simple wire-clip connection required.

It´s a similar idea to the system employed on Ampeg´s Dan Armstrong electrics, and quite frankly, we´re in favour of anything that means we haven´t got to mess around with a soldering iron.

Aside from the Guitars Of The Month and the obligatory Slash signing session to coincide with the Slash Signature Les Paul shenanigans - watch out for more models, including a Gold Top, on the way - Gibson also announced tweaks to the Les Paul Standard for 2008, including a more vintage-accurate neck tenon design, TonePros hardware, upgraded electronics and - most controversially - chambered bodies.