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MusicRadar podcast: Paul Gilbert

Gilbert's new CD is a hands-down winner
Gilbert's new CD is a hands-down winner

Some guys need the Mach 5 to go fast. But all Paul Gilbert needs are his two hands and six strings. Oh, and maybe a power drill every now and then.

In the years since he made a name for himself as a member of the speed-rock band Racer X, Paul Gilbert has become one of the world's most influential guitarists. A chameleon-like player with an encyclopedic knowledge of music history, there seems to be little that he can't do. Arena rock with Mr. Big? No problem. Tear it up with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci for a G3 tour? Done. Hell, he even tackles The Beatles with Mike Portnoy and makes it look easy.

Gilbert's dedication to the guitar has seen him design his own Ibanez PGM signature model. "A dream come true," he remarks. "To have my own guitar is still something I can't quite believe." But it is his commitment to teaching that continues to fuel his creative impulses. (Check out these MusicRadar clips in which Gilbert explains how to play killer licks and perform rhythmically.) "Teaching the guitar is a constant source of inspiration," he says. "I sometimes think I get more out of the lessons than my students."

Students and music fans around the globe are sure to be inspired by Gilbert's new CD, Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar. A tour de force of bracing instrumentals, it's the guitarist's most audacious and fully realized work to date. But all is not shred - Gilbert's rendition of the Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach ballad I Still Have That Other Girl oozes smoky soul.

Paul Gilbert sat down with MusicRadar for a lively, wide-ranging chat. Listen to the podcast below. And for more information, be sure to visit the official Paul Gilbert website.

Part one - Gilbert discusses his new CD
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Part two - He talks about musical influences, developing speed, and hearing loss
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Part three - Gilbert reflects on Mr. Big, playing with a drill, and vocal limitations
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Part four - He answers your questions
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