Music News: The Exalted Piledriver gives it up for Gibson

Kirchin, kneeling, during band meeting
Kirchin, kneeling, during band meeting

Everybody's favorite band, the Exalted Piledriver, has a new reason to be happy. Their leader has fallen in love ... with Gibson's BFG.
"Hells yeah!" said Gord Kirchin, who also calls himself the Exalted Piledriver, about the Gibson BFG he recently discovered in a guitar shop. "I was not even remotely looking for a sister for my trusty Standard', and ended up falling spiked-head over leather-heels for one of her ugliest cousins, a stanky BFG in trans-black!"

Canada's gift to the world, Kirchin waxed effusive: "Thanks for creating the perfect Gibby for me, The Exalted Piledriver! All that I love from my Les Paul Standard, with a low-down unpretentious grunt and greasery in execution of errant-aesthetics... These guitars have no time to hang around the factory getting 'finished.' They're born to burn riffs hot, fast, and loud ASAP! Ugliness in urgency! The BFG is just a dirty girl who just wants to wail, and I'm the kind of freak to give in to her noisiest urges!"

Kirchin, who is apparently incapable of speaking without exclamation points, continued: "I've got three other Gibsons in my arsenal, and none are as fun or as wild! Thanks for this unfinished gem!"

In other Exalted Piledriver news, the band is continuing work on their long-awaited new alum, The Metal Manifesto, which will be mixed by Neil Kernon.

What's this? You say you haven't yet caught the Exalted Piledriver bug? Well, check out this video and feel the love.

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