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Mr Black puts you in a TrancePortal with "breathtaking" shimmer echo guitar effects pedal

Boutique stompbox maker du jour Mr Black has unveiled its/his latest oddball creation, the TrancePortal shimmer echo, which it/he describes as thus: "I truly cannot find words to express the sound of this pedal."

Still, we can expand a little. The TrancePortal is a lightly modulated echo with "just the right amount of shimmer mixed in", spanning 20-650ms delay times. Three controls handle the ethereality: level, regen and time.

Mr Black is no stranger to shimmer effects - the Eterna Gold Modified is among the finest octave-shifted reverbs we've heard - but judging from the preview above, the TrancePortal explores new, weirder territory, while still retaining useful real-world features including true bypass switching and 9V battery/power supply operation.

If you dare to enter, the TrancePortal is available now for $179.95 from Mr Black pedals.