Matt Sorum drums up support for Freedom Children

Sorum lends his name (and time) to a good cause
Sorum lends his name (and time) to a good cause

Matt Sorum describes himself as a "rock 'n' roll hooligan," but he's using his fame as the drummer for bands such as Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses for an admirable cause, as an ambassador for a non-profit organization called Freedom Children.

"This is one of the most amazing outfits I've ever been asked to be a part of," says Sorum. "Freedom Children's president Gianni Rossti came to me and made me aware of so many atrocities in the world, particularly those involving kids. The minute he asked for my help, all I do could was say, 'Whatever you need, name it.'"

Sorum puts it all together

"If I have any level of celebrity, no matter how small, I'll use it to try to do something good for somebody else" Matt Sorum on his involvement with Alliance Hollywood and Freedom Children

Sorum's first step was putting together a launch party for Alliance Hollywood, a sister organization of Freedom Children, which was recently held at the Coco De Ville Lounge in Los Angeles. "An incredible turn-out," the drummer says. "I called upon all of my friends, and they called their friends, and so on...It was great."

But partying isn't what Freedom Children or Alliance Hollywood are all about, says Sorum. "The whole point is to lobby Washington to provide assistance and bring about change in various war-torn countries. Gianni Rossti himself escaped Iraq and now advocates for war children in regions such as Uganda, where kids are routinely kidnapped and put into Joseph Kony's army or else they become slaves, sexual and otherwise. It's truly horrifying."

"Why me?" asks Sorum. "Why not?!"

Sorum admits he's somewhat of an unlikely candidate to raise awareness for political and social causes. "Let's face it, I'm a drummer. People know me as that guy who rocks out and drives the band. On the other hand, if I have any level of celebrity, no matter how small, I'll use it to try to do something good for somebody else.

"This isn't about being seen," he continues. "This isn't about the red carpet. I look to someone like Paul Newman, who, for the most part, used his celebrity anonymously. But sometimes you have to put your name on the popcorn bag; you have to get people to see you and identify you with the cause. That's just the way it is.

"I think it's a small price to pay to bring about change. In fact, when you really get down to it, it's not a price at all."

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