Matrix Elements launches new FRFR guitar cabs for amp modellers

Matrix - known for its power amps and lightweight cabs - has announced the latest addition to its rapidly expanding FRFR speaker catalogue: the FR10 and FR12 powered full-range, flat-response cabinets, designed for use with the likes of the Fractal Axe-Fx, Kemper Profiling Amp and Line 6 Helix.

Offering an uncoloured sound to get the most out of amp and cab sims, the FR10 and 12 feature a Class AB bi-amped design, putting out 300W, paired with 8-ohm drivers.

Elsewhere, built-in DPS offers time and phase alignment, including an Equal Loudness curve to dial in the same sounds at low and high volumes, and a low-shelf/bass-reduction mode.

An XLR output is also included to run into a mixing desk or in-ear monitor, while neodymium speakers make for seriously light weight: 9.7kg for the FR10, 13kg for the FR12.

We can see these cabs making a lot of digitally inclined guitarists very happy. The FR10 measures 52x30x30cm and costs £549/$679, while the FR12 is 52x30x45cm and will set you back £599/$749.

If you're using modelling heads or multi-effects cab sims live, chances you already know about full-range, flat-response cabs, but if you need some schooling, consult our in-depth guide to modelling preamp systems and FRFR cabs.

Michael Astley-Brown

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