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Magic Vox makes guitar harmonics playable

Harmonics from two guitars can be layered.
Harmonics from two guitars can be layered.

Sometimes, a new virtual instrument appears that's quite unlike anything we've seen before. Musicrow's Magic Vox - a plug-in that aims to make guitar harmonics playable on a keyboard - is just such an instrument.

Magic Vox is based around samples of harmonics from 12 famous electric/acoustic guitars and basses. These have been put into patches that can be tweaked using the software's synthesis engine.

It's possible to layer two guitar sources to create hybrid tones, while there's also an effects section. This contains not just the usual suspects - delay, chorus and reverb, for example - but also granular and 'magic' effects.

Additional features include a multimode resonant filter section, two EQs and two VU monitors for volume monitoring.

Said to be capable of producing everything from velvety keyboards to distorted leads via mallet and string sounds, Magic Vox is available now for €79/$99. It runs as a Windows-only VST plug-in.

To download a demo or hear audio examples, go to the Musicrow website.