Lowden Thomas Leeb Signature

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: The Lowden Signature series models are designed by George to the exact specifications of Lowden Artists who have been dedicated Lowden players for many years and have become 'part of the family.'

In the video above, Lowden signature artist Thomas Leeb introduces us to his trusty Lowden Thomas Leeb Signature Model.

George says: "We believe that Thomas is one of the worlds most innovative and musical players of today and are particularly proud that he plays our guitars - not to mention helping us to demonstrate their capabilities! And so it is especially fitting that we have collaborated with him in the design of this signature model.

"Thomas' playing varies from highly percussive passages to the very lyrical and melodic, therefore his signature model had to be capable of responding to the wide variety of playing styles that he uses.

"He chose our larger O body size for the complexity and bass response, and figured walnut with a sitka spruce top for the extra definition and clarity that he needs. The specially designed 'scratch plate' is helpful for creating the 'snare drum' type sounds which Thomas needs for certain pieces."

Join George Lowden and Thomas Leeb for a conversation on Lowden soundbox shapes in episode three of George's series Every Guitar Has A Voice.

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