Lowden Original Series 32

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: In this video Lowden Signature Artist Thomas Leeb demonstrates the subtleties of tone between the Lowden Original Series O and F 32.

The Original Series designs were first developed back in 1976. They feature hand selected solid AAA grade tonewoods, all wood bindings and purflings and rosette, the 'Dolphin' profile soundboard bracing for Lowden voicing, 5 piece neck with ebony bound fingerboard, Schaller M6 machineheads, bone top nut and saddle, and split two piece saddle for accurate tuning.

George Lowden's comments on the 32: "Over the years the 32 has become sought after especially because of its full bodied and yet very clear, defined tone. The sitka spruce top helps to balance the rosewood's warm fullness.

"The O version is warm, full and clear, the F is the same but with a more focused projection making it ideal for flat-picking and fingerstyle. The S version has been a bit of a surprise in that it has a large body sound in a concert sized instrument!"

George Lowden comments more on the Lowden Original Series 32 models

Acoustic Sensation Jon Gomm, featured in this year's Acoustic Expo 2014 tuition videos, plays a Lowden Original Series.

As with all Lowden Guitars Left Hand is available for no extra charge. Additional options include three soundbox sizes, the shallow body 32SE, fanned frets, 12 string, and custom neck profile and widths. Lowden is proud to recommend the LR Baggs Anthem pickup.

Finally, be sure to watch our Thomas Leeb interview, in which he offers an overview of the three major series in the Lowden range.

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