Line 6 debuts the POD X3 Pro signal processor

Want ultimate control? Don't we all?
Want ultimate control? Don't we all?

Guitarists and other recording professionals are demanding more versatility from their gear. To that end, Line 6 is stepping things up with their POD X3 Pro signal processor.

From the looks of things, the new POD X3 Pro is a signal processor that is fully loaded with stunning effects and hundreds of POD amp, cabinet and stompbox models for guitarists, bassists and vocalists.

Featuring two discreet signal paths, POD X3 Pro can serve two separate instruments simultaneously, each with its own full signal chain of sounds and effects. Conversely, with Dual Tone processing, a player can use POD X3 Pro like an A/B/Y box. Sending a single-input signal through two different amp and effect chains, a player can choose one, the other, or both sounds to attain one-pass double-tracked guitars or to create gorgeous dual-layered sounds.

Intuitive design and ease-of-use are key concepts behind POD X3 Pro. A large LCD allows players to see each signal chain in its entirety at a glance. Sounds can be fully modified on the fly without distracting from the performance. With a complete array of inputs and outputs including 1/4-inch, XLR, USB, MIDI, S/PDIF and more, the POD X3 Pro prepares players for any situation. It's all housed in a robust aluminum chassis.

The Line 6 POD X3 Pro retails for $979.99 US. For more information, visit the official Line 6 website. And hear the POD X3 Pro in action.


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