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"Learn to play guitar in minutes" with Guitar Now

Apparently, over half of aspiring guitarists eventually give up playing - that's a sad, sad statistic, and something the makers of Kickstarter-funded Guitar Now are keen to address with an accessory that promises to make learning guitar as easy as possible.

Guitar Now focuses on the physical difficulties of learning, with a five-piece, expandable guitar learning system: interchangeable chord inserts slide into a collar and top plate attached to the guitar neck, which means all wannabe guitarists have to do is push the buttons and strum.

Each chord insert features callus builder buttons to toughen up those fingertips, while three chords are included: D major, C major and G major - additional chords will become available as the project reaches its funding targets.

We can't quite tell if the whole package is genuinely helpful or if it makes real-life guitar playing too much like a video game, but either way, we applaud the ingenuity.

Guitar Now is available now from Kickstarter for $30 for a limited time.