KISS rockers clash over reality show

Reality isn't real...yet
Reality isn't real...yet

If you're painting your face in the hopes of become the next Demon or Starchild, you may have to wait a bit - KISS leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are disagreeing over a reality show in which they would hire their own band replacements.

Simmons recently told a Swedish journalist that the show was a done-deal. "We have already signed the contract," he said, "and it is going to go through in a couple of months."

Not so fast, says Stanley, who insists his leather-clad partner is exaggerating. "These things are typical," Stanley says. "Gene says something as if it was a fact, but there is no signed deal. The future has many possibilities. Will it happen next week? No! Am I opposed to the idea? Of course not."

Of the likelihood of a Stanley-less version of KISS, the singer-guitarist has said, "I really, firmly believe there will come a time when the band will continue without me."

By Joe Bosso