KISS "days from finishing" new album

Simmons - bringing "meat and potatoes" to Walmart
Simmons - bringing "meat and potatoes" to Walmart

KISS are "four days from finishing" their new album, says Paul Stanley on KISS's website. Despite reports last year that the group was swearing off new material, the record will mark the band's first studio effort since 1998's Pyscho Circus.

"We're about four days from finishing the new Kiss album. Eleven tracks, and it IS everything I've told you. It IS classic. It IS all written within the band. And IT ROCKS BIG TIME!," writes Stanley, who apparently loves using CAPITAL LETTERS.

However, the new album might not please back-in-the-day KISS fans, as Stanley also reveals that guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer will both handle lead vocals on some of the album's songs.

Stanley is pumped

"The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud as we all are" Paul Stanley

Regardless, Stanley thinks that the new project is the bee's knees: "The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud and excited as we all are," he writes.

A Walmart exclusive?

In related news, while no release date has been set, when KISS do issue their new album, it could be another Walmart exclusive - as was the case with recent releases from The Eagles and AC/DC.

Simmons, who describes the record as "meat and potatoes," revealed the news - perhaps unintentionally - to actress Denise Richards, during a Sirius XM visit. The actress was doing a guest spot as DJ and Simmons, in the video posted below, said that he'd just returned from a Walmart shareholders meeting on 5 June.

It is being reported that the Walmart promotional blitz may include outlets dedicating an area of their stores to the band and dubbing it the "KISS Korner."

This from a group who, only last year, said that "fans have killed the record industry." Not when it comes to Walmart, it seems.