Jonathan Davis is tired of Korn

Not a hiatus, just a chill-out
Not a hiatus, just a chill-out

Jonathan Davis is tired of Korn. Not that he's thinking of leaving his multi-platinum band, but in his words, "We've been going for 15 years, and we need to chill out for a while."

But Davis is doing anything but sitting around. He's working on a solo record and has a new band, The Simply Fuckin' Amazings. "I've got to keep playing," he says. "I got to write music so I don't go crazy, so I decided it would be a perfect time to do this."

Davis, who went on the Alone I Play Tour last year, said he hopes to have his solo record out by year's end and follow that with a tour, pushing back the recording of Korn's ninth studio album to 2009. Korn last released an album in July '07.

As for the future of Korn (now down to three original members), Davis says it's more a matter of 'when' than 'if.' "It's not like Korn is on hiatus or anything; we're still all good. It's just when everybody's ready, we'll go back together and go do it. We just need to recharge our batteries and get hungry again."

He also is leaving the door open for the two departed members to return down the line, but with former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch releasing a solo album this month and sometimes drummer David Silvera managing restaurants and raising a family, that door might stay idle

Davis figures that if a full band reunion happens, it'll happen when the time is right. "I'm not planning that far ahead," he says "This is where I'm at right now, and I'm really enjoying it."

Joe Bosso

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