Joe Satriani becomes a comic book hero in Eternal Descent

To his millions of fans, Joe Satriani has long had superhuman powers. Well, now he's an honest to goodness superhero - in comic book form, that is. Satch will be making debut as part of the second volume of IDW's comic book Eternal Descent, appearing as a "cryptic entity" with supreme powers.

The storyline opens with a group of heroes divided and in turmoil. Upon making the ultimate sacrifice, the character Sirian finds himself caught amidst time and space as strange beautiful music resonates throughout the cosmos, heralding the arrival of Joe Satriani, seeking to guide the lost and bring harmony to dissonance.

Eternal Descent is a "virtual band" whose conceptual heavy metal music has been captured into comic book form. Past cameo appearances in the comic of bands such as Static X and God Forbid.

"I reached out to Joe directly with a taster of previous Eternal Descent collaborations and some ideas for incorporating his musical heritage into the world of comics," says writer Llexi Leon. "I was blown away when he responded a few days later, all the paperwork signed and his own ideas noted down along with the answers to some questions I had raised.

"It's a real honor to be able to collaborate with such a creative force. Joe is a living legend. His approach to the guitar and the music he's created has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. Being able to dive into the mythology surrounding Joe Satriani is like being a kid in a candy shop!"

To celebrate the appearance of Joe Satriani, Vol. 2 Issue 3 will be available with four different cover variants, distributed equally and at random. Each cover is a tribute to and re-imagining of a classic Satriani album with an Eternal Descent twist. The albums featured are Not Of This Earth, Crystal Planet, The Extremist and Time Machine.

Joe Bosso

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