Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis to close 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Bleeding Love? Whole Lotta Love? We can only speculate...
Bleeding Love? Whole Lotta Love? We can only speculate...

With swimming sensation Michael Phelps breaking records and winning gold medals left, right and centre, the latest news from the Beijing Olympics sees Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis set to unite for the closing ceremony on 24 August.

In an event set to bring the curtain down on the 2008 games and mark the handover to London 2012, Led Zeppelin legend Page will duet with Leona Lewis, although it's not yet clear what song has been chosen for the collaboration.

According to UK tabloid reports, David Beckham is set to arrive on a red London bus and kick a football into the crowd, while hundreds of dancers perform ballet and breakdance routines.

An 'insider' is reported as commenting: "It is set to be one of the most mind-blowing spectacles ever. David was elated to be asked to take part, as was everyone who has been invited.

"Having a rock god like Jimmy Page and a singer like Leona Lewis performing together for the first time will certainly be something to remember." Indeed.

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