Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins gets signature Fender

We'd say this is pretty cool
We'd say this is pretty cool

Back in June 2008, one of MusicRadar's highlights of the Download festival was an excellent set from Jimmy Eat World - a shining melodic beacon amidst a sea of grunting vocals, downtuned mush and the death throes of preposterous rock dinosaurs.

During the set, we spotted frontman Jim Adkins rocking a couple of interesting Fenders, which we are now pretty sure were prototypes for his new signature model.

The JA-90 Thinline Telecaster is essentially a tweaked, single cutaway version of the TC-90 model that Adkins already played. Sporting a mahogany neck set into a semi-hollow ash body, the JA-90 also features Seymour Duncan soapbar pickups and cool amp-style control knobs.

Meanwhile, Adkins's signature tucked away tastefully on the rear of the headstock, which is painted to match the body. The JA-90 is available in crimson and ebony transparent finishes, with US retail at $999.99, and UK at £519.99.

Here's Jim putting the JA-90 through its paces in the Big Casino video.

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