Jack White to record solo album in 2010?

C'mon Jack, make another record with Meg...
C'mon Jack, make another record with Meg...

With more spin than Malcolm Tucker and Alastair Campbell playing spin the bottle on a spinning top, some news outlets have been announcing the imminent arrival of a Jack White solo album with such promise-filled headlines as, 'Jack White reveals solo album details.'

But what did the Ractonteur/White Stripe/Dead erm, Weatherer actually say?

Speaking to Rolling Stone, when asked whether he planned to release a solo album, White said: "Eventually, yeah, for sure."

Presumably, he would play all of the instruments himself? "I've never done that. I thought about that. That might be the challenge - to differentiate from anything else that I've done."

Fans shouldn't get too excited though, as White doesn't seem to know what he's doing next: "It would be a mistake for me to premeditate anything, even in the next six months, to say what I'm going to do. I honestly could be working on a White Stripes[album] in the next two weeks.

"I have no idea if that is going to happen. And the same with The Dead Weather. I'd rather live like this without a calendar in front of me."

That clears that up, then. Oh well, he did at least release a solo single last year:

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