iRig Acoustic mic/interface touted as world's first

IK Multimedia has announced the latest addition to its ever evolving iRig mobile interface line.

iRig Acoustic is, according to the company, the world's first mic/interface combo produced specifically for acoustic instruments, and pairs with the AmpliTube Acoustic app. The app offers multiple amplifiers, stompboxes and features designed specifically for acoustic playing.

The mic itself is touted as a piezo- and magnetic pickup-beater, featuring MEMS (MicroElectrical-Mechanical System) technology. Its omnidirectional polar pattern allows it to be placed in an optimal position just inside the sound hole.

Calibration station

A calibration process which analyses your guitar or ukelele's unique frequency response also promises to help the mic and interface get comfy in the surroundings of your particular instrument.

As ever, we'll bring you our hands-on impressions as soon as we can get hold of a unit, so stay tuned to

Will Groves

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