In conversation: Chad Smith with Carlos Santana - video edition

When Chad Smith walked into the San Jose Repertory Theater in San Jose, California, last month to participate in the 2013 DRUM! Night, he was looking forward to entertaining the sold-out crowd with a blistering display of his celebrated funk-rock chops, as well as checking out performances by other world-class drummers such as Cindy Blackman Santana, Jason Bittner and the Street Drum Corps.

He got something else, too: a private sit-down interview with one of his biggest musical heroes, none other than guitar legend Carlos Santana.

The Grammy Award-winning, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame-inducted (and future Kennedy Center honoree) musician was on hand to witness his wife's guest spot at DRUM! Night, and after rehearsals for the event, he sat down with Chad for a special video edition of In Conversation to talk about the art of live performances and how drums and drummers affect his approach to music. "God is a drummer," Carlos told Chad (words which, no doubt, further endear him to Mrs. Santana). "I owe everything to drummers."

"Carlos, a legend, needs no introduction," Chad said after the interview. "It was a real surprise when he came to support his wife at DRUM! Night and then agreed to sit down and chat with me. What a soulful man. Check it out... inspiring. Thanks, Carlos!"

You can watch Part One of In Conversation: Chad Smith with Carlos Santana in the above video, which MusicRadar is proud to present in association with Drum Channel, who graciously filmed and edited the clip. Part Two of Chad's dialogue with Carlos Santana will air next week on September 30th.

MusicRadar would like to offer our sincere thanks to Don Lombardi, Andy Doershuck, Laura Glass, Adam Fells and, of course, Chad Smith and Carlos Santana.

Joe Bosso

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