Hot albums for 2008

MusicRadar has been busy looking back on its gear of the year in guitar and tech categories, but we're also looking forward to some new music in 2008.

Here's a selection of artists releasing new albums in January, and we'll be covering February soon. It's only a taster list, so please add comments on your own favourites...

Album releases for January 2008

Radiohead get round to releasing In Rainbows as a physical product, the 2xCD version adding extra tracks, including live favourite Bangers And Mash. It will be interesting how it fares in sales after the band's 'pay what you like' experiment for the download version. Why not watch the video for current single Jigsaw Falling Into Place now?

Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine release Scream Aim Fire on January 28. Listen to new tracks on Bullet For My Valentine's MySpace page.

Nouveau prog rockers The Mars Volta release The Bedlam In Goliath on the same day. Fancy doing a puzzle to get a free track? Go to the official Mars Volta site.

Beatles legend Ringo Starr releases his new Liverpool 8 album in January too. Will it be as good as his early '70s solo albums, stand up anywhere near The Beatles? Mmm. Preorder it here and watch some classic Beatles video while you ponder.

Another legend, multi-instrumentalist Stevie Wonder releases his new album The Gospel Inspired By Lula in January. Don't worry about that though, check out this Stevie Wonder drum solo from the '60s.

Flight Of The Conchords, New Zealand's "fourth most popular digi-folk paradists", also release an album on SubPop in January. Can they sustain the joke over a 'proper' record: judge for yourself at their MySpace page.

Roots guitarist Bob Brozman releases an album, Post Industrial Blues, on January 15. Wielding a variety of stringed instruments including his usual Nationals, Hawaiian guitar, ukulele and banjo, the album includes a cover of The Doors' People Are Strange. Get some guitar playing tips from Brozman here.

Death Cab For Cutie's Chris Walla releases a solo album, Field Manual, at the end of the month. You can hear the track Sing Again at Walla's official website or watch footage of DCFC recording their next album, due in May 2008, here.

Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny releases a new album, Day Trip, on 29 January. Fans with iTunes should check his podcasts where he dissects his various albums at his official site.

And New York's Dub Trio - yes, they're a dub trio, with post-hardcore bits - release their album, Another Sound Is Dying on Jan 29. Check out audio and video at the official Dub Trio site.

Any other new albums you are looking forward to in January? Let everyone on MusicRadar know below...

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