Head-to-head: Joe Satriani and Steve Morse podcast - part two

Joe Satriani and Steve Morse photographed backstage at the Tower Theater Upper Darby PA Sept 28 2013
Joe Satriani and Steve Morse, photographed backstage at the Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, Sept. 28, 2013
(Image: © Joe Bosso)

Last week, MusicRadar stopped by the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where Joe Satriani and his special guest Steve Morse were about to treat the town next to the City Of Brotherly Love to an evening of guitar wonderment.

But not before the six-string legends answered some reader questions. You can listen to part one of the podcast interview right here, and below, we present the conclusion, during which Satch and Morse talk about whether working with DAW software bites into their playing and composing time, what they still want to do on the guitar but can't (Joe wants to play like Steve, whereas Steve wants to improve his string-skipping and tone control techniques), and how classical music has impacted their guitar playing (a question that led Satriani to follow a train of thought which ultimately triggered a particularly moving anecdote about one of his fans).

Satriani is continuing his Unstoppable Momentum tour of the US (click here for dates), while Morse has rejoined his Deep Purple bandmates for a tour that takes the group to the UK, Germany, Holland and Russia (click here for dates).