Guns N' Roses: online chat today

DJ Ashba is in Guns N' Roses. Apparently
DJ Ashba is in Guns N' Roses. Apparently

Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba will take part in an online chat on 15 July at 19.00 PST (that's 03.00, 16 July, BST) at

Ashba replaced NIN guitarist Robin Finck in March 2009 - but that's hardly been evident as, since then, Guns N'Roses have not done anything publicly.

Now is your chance to find out why? Is there a tour planned? Why is a DJ playing guitar?

DJ Ashba co-wrote and co-produced Motley Crue's latest album, Saints Of Los Angeles, as well as co-writing and co-producing the Sixx: AM album Heroin Diaries.

He's joins Bumblefoot as guitarist in Guns N'Roses. We think.