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Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy promo videos galore!

An important message from Axl Rose. Yep
An important message from Axl Rose. Yep

Now that Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy is finally a reality (or it will be on November 23; frankly, we need to see it to believe it), we can look forward to the same kind of bizarre excess that attended the making of the album.

To wit: Today, no fewer than 16 promo clips, each with a 15-second running time, hit the web reminding us that the world will be something of a better place come 23 November. Or something like that.

Each Guns N' Roses clip blasts a different bit of music, supposedly from Chinese Democracy. There's Axl screaming on one clip, a scattershot of guitar noodling (Buckethead?) on another - you get the idea. And each carries a different message, generic slogans along the likes of "This November History Will Be Made" or "The Future Is Ours." (Really? We never heard that one before, Axl.)

If you want to view any or all 16 clips, here's the place.

Frankly, rather than going through the trouble of clicking through a bunch of same-looking, same-sounding clips, we could have done with one standard-length promo. But when you're Axl Rose and you've spent 30 years making one album and drained the fortunes of your record label in the process, are you really thinking about what the people want?