Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose nixes reunion with Slash

Rose spent millions making Chinese Democracy, but didn't expect a "huge rollout"
Rose spent millions making Chinese Democracy, but didn't expect a "huge rollout"

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has finally given a proper interview (his first in nine years), and as you might expect, it's full of gems.

The reclusive singer wastes no time in throwing his label (Interscope) under a bus for Chinese Democracy's anemic sales, stomping all over reunion rumors with his old GN'R mate Slash (don't hold your breath) and dissing the media.

What follows are some of Axl Rose's statements, followed by MusicRadar's comments in bold:

Best Buy good, Interscope bad

"Best Buy has been great. Going with Best Buy was a way to work out a deal with Universal and we were fortunate enough to work with Irving [Azoff, as manager] and deal more directly with Universal. I've asked for information regarding their role in working the record but that hasn't come yet so I'm not able to tell what Universal has or hasn't done, although Zach [Horowitz, Universal Music Group president/COO], or whoever's behind the international efforts, is doing great. It's more than appreciated and a welcome relief.

"We never intended a huge public rollout" Axl Rose, on the promotion of Chinese Democracy

"Unfortunately [going with Best Buy] didn't change us having to rely on Interscope as much as we'd hoped...

"We never intended a huge public rollout, especially without resolving certain issues, and no one ever suggested us doing so, though Interscope's communications with Best Buy in these areas may not have been as clear as anyone would have preferred...Unfortunately I have no information for me to believe [that] there was any real involvement or effort from Interscope.

"In regard to our promotion, it was based around certain agreements with Universal, Interscope, our management and legal [teams] that unfortunately never happened. I won't get into specifics but am beginning to address some of those issues...I do know [that] I've been asking for a marketing plan for over five years and still haven't got anything."

"Never expected a huge public rollout"? That should be a relief to the label execs who bankrolled the project for 15 years and to the tune of $13 million. And as far as Axl asking for a marketing plan for five years, we would imagine there have been plenty.

Forget Slash

"Give me a fucking break...One of the two of us will die before a reunion" Axl on getting back with his old pal Slash

"I could see doing a song or so on the side with Izzy [Stradlin] or having him out [on tour] again. I'm not so comfortable with doing anything having more than one of the alumni. Maybe something with Duff [McKagan], but that's it...

"In regards to Slash...Give me a fucking break. What's clear is that one of the two of us will die before a reunion and however sad, ugly or unfortunate anyone views it, it is how it is. Those decisions were made a long time ago and reiterated year after year by one man."

And that one man must be Slash, who's only managed to put out two full band albums and a solo record in the time it took to record Chinese Democracy. Guess he's the 'problem guy' in the band.

Freedom of the press...for some

"Most of the nonsense has been from the same or the latest batch of negative idiots, so it was to be expected and really doesn't mean much.

"I get freedom of the press, but I'm not clear in regard to their writers or those who choose to run their spin, why someone who no one's ever heard of with so little 'real' information is deemed qualified - let alone allowed so much corporate backing - to promote negative and often completely inaccurate and purely opinion-based (at best, if that) shots in forums with so much exposure at the public's and our expense."

Wait a minute...Did he just call us 'idiots'? Dem's fightin' words!

And finally, what about touring?

"No plans, but there's talk."

Hey, what's the rush, right? For the entire interview, go to Billboard.