Guitarist magazine issue 390: Inside David Gilmour's studio

Guitarist magazine issue 390 is on sale now in print and digital formats and is a feast for Pink Floyd fans, featuring an in-depth look inside David Gilmour's studio, sumptuous photography and details of the amazing guitars, amps and effects that powered The Endless River.

As part of the 17-page cover feature, we also interview Floyd collaborator Phil Manzanera and David Gilmour's long-serving guitar tech Phil Taylor.

In addition, you'll find reviews of hot new guitar gear from Fender, Saint Blues, Ibanez, Empress Effects, DOD, MXR, Way Huge and more.

Alongside the usual mix of guitar lessons and tech Q&A we also get the skinny on playing live with Kate Bush from English art-rock guitarist David Rhodes, catch up with Eric Johnson & Mike Stern and plenty more besides.

Guitarist magazine, issue 390, on sale 9 January 2015.

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