Gibson unleashes Sully Erna Les Paul Studio

The Godsmack man's signature has some surprises under the bonnet
The Godsmack man's signature has some surprises under the bonnet

Gibson has unleashed the Sully Erna Les Paul Studio, an eye-catching signature guitar for the Godsmack frontman.

Featuring an eye-catching pearlescent white Godsmack sun emblem and mahogany neck and body, the Les Paul also includes an on-board flanger that is accessed by a push/pull pot, and a kill switch in the usual toggle switch position. The Sully Erna Les Paul Studio has an RRP of $2332 (that's approximately £1545).

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Gibson press release

Sully Erna Les Paul Studio

Both as the leader of the chart-topping band Godsmack, and more recently, as an acclaimed solo artist, Sully Erna has racked up one of the most impressive resumes in contemporary rock. The band's self-titled 1998 debut album went platinum five times over, and three following releases debuted consecutively at #1 on the Billboard album chart, helping the band to sell more than 15 million albums worldwide in the process. Through it all, Sully Erna has established a look and a tone that are emblematic of heavy rock for the 21st century—an image that Gibson USA captures in spades in the new Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul.

In addition to beautifully embodying the image of this powerful artist, the Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul also nails his unique and uncompromising sound. Special touches include an Ebony Black finish with pearlescent white Godsmack sun emblem, subtle double-star 12th fret inlays, hot-stamped signature truss-rod cover, and a Sully Erna moon-and-star emblem on the headstock. Among the sonic surprises hidden within this stripped-down Les Paul are a built-in flanger accessed by a push-pull switch on the master tone pot, and a kill switch in the traditional toggle selector position. Put it all together, and the Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul is a powerful statement in the eyes and ears of all who behold it, and a guitar totally fitting for this uncompromising artist.

Body and Neck

A traditional foundation ensures the Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul's sonic success right from the start. A carved solid maple top lends bite and articulation to the sound, while a select mahogany back—treated with Gibson's new modern weight relief pattern to increase playing comfort and enhance resonance—contributes superb warmth and depth. A solid, quarter-sawn mahogany neck is glued in and carved in a comfortably rounded '50s profile that measures 0.818" at the 1st fret and 0.963" at the 12th, and topped with a black bound Grade-A rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets and simple dot position markers, plus subtle double stars at the 12th fret. A black Corian™ nut is cut on Gibson's PLEK for optimum precision.

Pickups and Electronics

The stripped-down ethos and outward simplicity of the Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul belies a powerful sonic punch lurking within. It's single '57 Classic Plus pickup yields everything from bone-breaking crunch to eviscerating leads when used on its own, but just pop the push-pull switch on the tone control to unleash the built-in flanger circuit for instant Godsmack atmospherics. Adding further drama to your playing, the toggle-switch on this single-pickup Les Paul is actually kill switch to mute the guitar's output for rhythmic stutter effects.

Hardware and Plastics

A set of genuine Grover™ tuners partners up with the classic pairing of Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for smooth and efficient tuning and intonation married to solid sustain. All hardware is black, in keeping with the stunning look of this guitar. The truss-rod cover it hot-stamped with Sully Erna's signature, and to avoid obstructing any part of its unique finish, the Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul comes without a pickguard.