Gibson launches Explorer Blackout and '59 ES-225 TD

Gibson has unveiled its new Explorer Blackout and 1959 ES-225 TD guitars.


The ES-225 was initially introduced in 1956 as a close relative of the ES-125, targeted at jazz guitarists seeking a lighter instrument less susceptible to feedback.

The biting P-90 tones of the two-pickup version proved popular with blues and rock 'n' roll players, before the ES-225 was discontinued in 1959.

This latest incarnation has period-correct hand-carved spruce braces, mahogany headlock and tail block, hide-glued quarter-sawn mahogany neck, one-piece hand-selected dark rosewood fingerboard and a rounded '59 profile neck. It packs two Memphis Historic Spec P-90 single coils.

Explorer Blackout

Gibson describes the Explorer Blackout as "sinister". Its two Dirty Fingers pickups are among the most powerful in the company's catalogue and it features a select mahogany body and SlimTaper neck with a black-bound fingerboard and split-diamond inlays. Black-chrome hardware and black Speed Knobs add to the heavy vibe, and the Explorer Blackout comes with a protected Vintage Brown Gibson hardshell case.

A Gibson spokesperson said: "Hit one detuned powerchord on the Explorer Blackout and you're likely to dim the lights for several blocks around the venue.

"The all-black esthetics and radical Explorer styling complete a guitar that can walk the walk just as fiercely as it talks the talk."