Gibson kicks off 2009 Limited Run Series with Holy Explorer

Rock out without breaking your spine
Rock out without breaking your spine

In recent times, some of the most interesting and innovative instruments to emerge from the Gibson stable have been limited edition models in the brand's Guitar Of The Week and Guitar Of The Month series.

2009's Limited Run Series looks set to continue this trend, with the first model announced - the Holy Explorer - sure to turn heads at gigs.

Other than the obvious carved body openings first seen on the Holy V, spec is largely standard fare, although electronics have been pared down to just a single master volume control and three-way toggle for pickup selection.

As if you needed reminding that this is a guitar built to rock, the pickup complement consists of 496R and 500T ceramic humbuckers. Stateside RRP is $2775, visit the official Gibson website for more.

Gibson has also used the limited edition platform to revisit instruments in its back catalogue that have more cult appeal, and the next model in the Limited Run Series does exactly that.

Launched in 1973, the Grabber bass had a unique sliding humbucking pickup and over the years has found favour with Gene Simmons and Green Day's Mike Dirnt. If you want to ahem, grab one, US RRP is $3192.

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