Get the new Prince 'Opus' iPod box set...


News of the recession must not yet have reached the Prince household. The Purple One is offering a super-spiffy version of his 21 Nights in London book with an iPod loaded with exclusive content...all for the bargain price of $2,100.00.

Cost aside, it's a pretty luxurious package, a 280-page, leather-bound, purple enclosure that contains exclusive prints from noted photographer Randee St. Nicholas.

And, of course, there's the limited-edition iPod - only 950 of them will be available, and after they're gone, they're really gone.

iPod comes with audio, mini movie

The device itself is purple (natch) with Prince's trademark symbol etched on the back. The iPod is pre-loaded not only with live audio from Prince's 2007 stand at London's O2 Arena, but also a 40-minute mini movie showcasing live footage of the residency. Also included are testimonials from Elton John, P Diddy and Naomi Campbell. (Question: can we pay extra to remove the self-serving testimonials?)

But wait, there's more. If you purchase the Opus iPod, you stand a 1 in 950 chance of winning a private performance by Prince himself in Los Angeles. (We're unclear whether you have to live in Los Angeles or find a way to get there if you win, but hey, if you're a super-fan, it's a pretty cool deal.)

To purchase the Prince Opus iPod, click here. Operators are standing by.

Joe Bosso

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