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Flux Satellite magnetic double-neck guitar pulls apart to become two electrics

Guitarists all love the idea of a double-neck guitar (thank you, Jimmy Page), but the instruments themselves have never been entirely practical… until now, thanks to the introduction of the Flux Satellite, a magnetic double-neck made up of two individual electrics.

Launched via an Indiegogo campaign, the Satellite's two constituent parts - a full-sized Standard and compact Mini - detach and join together using a built-in neodymium magnet.

The Satellite's Rickenbacker/pawn shop-inspired bodies are crafted by guitar builder Scott Gorsuch, who makes them out of chambered cherry backs to keep weight down, while tones come courtesy of Brandon Wound Pickups P-90s.

Both guitars come in five finishes, too - and yes, you can opt to have a mini 12-string or mini six-string.

The Flux Satellite is available from Indiegogo for $1,999.