Fender rolls out the Vaporizer

Check out the retro-tastic new 12 watter...
Check out the retro-tastic new 12 watter...

Fender has rolled out a new 12 watt amplifier for 2014, the Vaporizer.

Revealed ahead of NAMM in January, the Vaporizer is a retro-styled all-valve single channel amplifier with an eye-catching 'Atom age' design.

Featuring 2x10" 16-Ohm special design Vaporizer Speakers, two inputs and a 1/4" speaker output, it's a tidy 17" in height and has stripped down controls, a built-in reverb and a 'Vaporizer Mode', which bypasses volume and tone controls for 'unfettered access to the raw tube amp'. It's available in Slate Blue and Rocket Red, with a retail price of $399.

If you ask us, this is the tip of the retro, boutique-y iceberg - we're expecting to see plenty of this sort of thing at Anaheim in a few weeks, and that's just fine by us.

For more information visit the official Fender website.