Fender reveals six new FSR amps

Fender has boosted its FSR (Fender Special Reserve) line with six limited edition amplifiers: the Super Champ X2 "Blonde Oxblood, Hot Rod Deluxe III "Chocolate Tweed", Hot Rod Deluxe III "Red Nova Two-Tone", Hot Rod Deluxe III "Silver Bullet", Hot Rod III Blues Junior "After The Gold Rush" and Vibro King "Tequila Sunburst".

Each of the new amps feature distinctive looks and high-spec speakers, and as with the rest of the FSR range are only available in extremely limited numbers.

They're shipping throughout September and October, so keep your eyes peeled and your wallet primed to take a hit should you come across one.

Find out more about Fender's FSR range, and the full specs of these shiny new amps, at Fender's website.