Eminem debuts savage 3am video

His name is...
His name is...

Eminem has debuted the video for Relapse's single 3am, and has been suggested, it's an R-rated, explicit tale featuring Slim Shady as a psychotic killer out for prescription pills and blood.

The clip had its official premiere over the weekend on Cinemax, which is befitting the graphic nature of the bloody story and images. You can view the video below, but we warn you that it's intended for mature audiences. If you're easily offended by disturbing visuals, perhaps this is one to skip.

"The sight of blood excites me," Marshall Mathers raps in the third verse. That alone you tell you what you're getting. Wonder if it's an indication at what we can expect from the Relapse iPhone game Eminem has planned?

"The sight of blood excites me" Eminem in his new song 3am

Em Tweets about his game

On his Twitter page, Eminem posted a photo from the upcoming game - if you can call the rapper running amuck and beating down zombie doctors and nurses a 'game.'

As we previously reported, Relapse will contain 20 tracks. Two additional singles will drop before the album's 19 May release. Old Time's Sake features Dr Dre and is expected to hit iTunes tomorrow. The ironically-titled Beautiful (ironic for Eminem, that is) will follow on 12 May.

Here's the video for 3am. Like we said, WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT.

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