Eastwood releases Black Keys influenced Airline models

Eastwood has released two new Airline guitars, the H77 and H78, inspired by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

The new models, which replicate the original '60s Harmony H78 that Auerbach is often seen with live, are available with or without a Bigsby, and feature the original guitar's unique combination of three pickups and several thousand switches.

Both guitars have a centre block to eliminate that pesky feedback, are fitted with Gold Foil Argyle pickups and ship with a hard case.

The H77 will retail for $649, with the H78 at $799.

For more information visit the official Eastwood website.

Eastwood press release

We are excited to announce the arrival of two new Airline models from Eastwood Guitars. Their new tribute to the 1960's Harmony H78 - popularized by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys - takes flight this month as the Airline H77 (trapeze tail) and H78 (with Bigsby).

Deluxe archtop hardshell case INCLUDED.

This tribute to the 1960's Airline H77/78 - which at the time was also available under the brands of Harmony and Silvertone - covers all the best parts of the originals, but kicks it up a notch for 2014. True in almost every detail to the original, upgraded features include the new Gold Foil Argyle pickups, a modern roller bridge for tuning stability, a center block for Bigsby stability and feedback suppression.