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Eastwood launches new Airline hollowbodies

The new Airline RS-II
The new Airline RS-II

PRESS RELEASE: Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline RS-I & RS-II hollow-body guitars - tributes to the Roy Smeck model of the late 50's - but with modern playability and much more.

These Flamed Maple beauties feature the new Vintage Airline Argyle pickups, which creates a clean natural distortion without any feedback thanks to Eastwood's unique hollow-body chamber bracing. Modern sonic engineering combined with the all new single coil pickups makes this a must have for any guitarist.

Both models feature diamond grilled pickups, four vintage radio-knobs and the three-way chicken-head pickup selector switch, combining for a true retro styling like no other guitar.

The set, bound one-piece straight-grained Canadian maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and block markers sport a unique 26" scale. The body is comprised of maple top, back, sides with a Tune-O-Matic bridge and Trapeze Tail.

The RS-I is available in Redburst, the RS-II has a natural maple flamed top with a distinctive 'Lightning Bolt' pickguard.

"When we showed the prototypes this year at NAMM and Musikmesse, everyone wanted to know what they were and when they could get one" said Mike Robinson, President of Eastwood Guitars. "I'm confident this soon will become one of our most popular guitars."

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