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Dr. No's MotherBrain is the thinking guitarist's analogue delay pedal

Dr. No Effects doesn't do things by halves - past creations include the dazzling RoadRunner octave fuzz wah and Alain Johannes' highly personal 11:11 fuzz/filter, but the MotherBrain is among the doctor's brightest ideas yet.

A bona fide analogue delay pedal, the MotherBrain is destined to be the nerve centre of any pedalboard, with an eye-catching silk-screened enclosure replete with brain control knobs.

These brains control present (delay mix from wet to dry), insanity (delay time) and memory (from short-term to longterm, ie, number of repeats) - the good Dr promises tones spanning rockabilly slapback to insane oscillation, while your dry tone remains unaffected.

Only 350 of the pedals will be made, so if you want a MotherBrain among your gear, you'd better get your own brain in gear - it's available now for €239 (£187/$270 approx) from Dr. No Effects.