Digitech drops price of iStomp

Get your hands on the super-flexible iStomp for a new bargain price
Get your hands on the super-flexible iStomp for a new bargain price

Digitech has dropped the price of the iStomp, its popular iOS device programmable effects pedal, to only £49.

And in more good news for fans of affordable effects, as well as making the pedals themselves incredibly affordable, Digitech has only gone and made all available e-pedals free as well. Pretty good of them if you ask us...

If you're not in the know, the iStomp allows you to access one of 47 e-pedals from the iOS Stomp Shop app, and thus use your iOS device to basically access any pedal you need, whenever you need it.

For more information visit the official Digitech website.

Digitech press release

DigiTech makes iStomp indispensable for iOS users at just £49 and free e-pedals

DigiTech has repriced its iStomp FX pedal - a stomp box that can be totally reprogrammed using an iOS device - to an ultra low price of just £49 inc VAT. Alongside the price reduction of the unit itself, all available e-pedals (with the exception of the Adrian Belew artist e-pedal) are now free. The flexibility and sound quality of the iStomp makes it an indispensable additional pedal to have in your gig bag to use whenever required, for whatever required.

The DigiTech iStomp works just like a traditional stompbox but can be completely reconfigured by loading it with any one of 47 e-pedals available via its iOS Stomp Shop App. Connect the iStomp to an iOS 4.3+ device using the included DigiTech Smart Cable to totally change effect in the iStomp. Disconnect the Smart Cable and you´re ready to use your iStomp just like you would any traditional pedal. (Note a Lightning adaptor is required for use with Lightning-equipped iOS devices.)

Available e-pedals include various overdrives, distortions, pitch shifters, delays, an acoustic simulation - even a Lexicon® Hall reverb.